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I am very disappointed with Lockridge Home Builders. They put in a well wit Hall Well Drilling from Lovington, VA and the driller put in a defective housing unit and now when ever it rains red mud seeps into the plumbing and water system and we are left with red mud for drinking water. Both Lockridge and Hall Drilling should be put out of business. Add comment

Our house is only 1 1/2 yr.old. Our windows are leaking. Submitted a claim with a check as required. Just got a letter saying LOCKRIDGE is no longer in business and for this reason the warranty people cannot honor the warranties of their homes because no one works their. SO ANY ONE WHO HAS HOME AND IS WARRANTIED FOR 10 YRS. It's time to get in touch with an attorney to see what our options are. They are still responsible or Keystone Builders... Read more

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This is the worst company ever!! After the walk though we hand MANY issues that were never fixed. We did get someone to come back and put caulking around a window that was leaking terribly. We had paint on the floors that we had to remove because they never came back to do it. Nails sticking out of trim, so many nails in the stairs under the carpet is unreal, we are thinking of removing the carpet because its so unsafe. I have stepped on a... Read more

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Lockridge Home Builders - Worst Building experience!!!
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I have not been in my home for six months and everyday I notice things that are wrong with my home from squeaky floors to pushed nails, cracks in the walls,the vanity not connected to wall.. Everyday im discussed with the amount of money I will be paying over the next 30 years for the crappy craftsmanship I have. Lockridge employees in the summerville location is very disrespectfuland not helpful at all. If you are planning to use these builders... Read more

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Keystone was actually the builder of our house in the Steele Creek neighborhood in Charlotte but I saw a sign in the neighborhood for Lockridge Home. Same people. I looked on their website and they have the same floorplans as Keystone. Took nine months to build in 2006. We like the floorplan and it fits our family. Upgraded from one ac unit to two. They only put in one and had to cut walls out to go back and install the second. The one... Read more

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If you are thinking about building with this company, I beg you not to. We signed a contract a year ago and were told that we would have a home in January. Well, January has come and gone and we just now have a completed home as of last week... Except when you walk inside you see missing trim, broken windows, the vinyl siding is warped, the porch steps are about to split apart, the paint looks like someone got messed up on acid and decided to... Read more

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First off I cant even describe how frustrating this was for me and my family. This company is just full of excuses. A 4 month home build turned into a year and a half. This company uses the bottom of the barrel subcontractors. I can write a book about how crapy the builder and the company is. They string you along the whole time thinking your an ***. The regional manager Aimee Bills is the anti Christ. When the house was finished it was left a... Read more

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Lockridge Home Builders - Bad custmore service and Horrible quality builders and supplies
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Building a house in SC. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. It started from day one. The footing were poured and foundation built wrong and not to code, the inspector failed it. They started building the foundation and had to cut a layer of block off because it was too high. They have taken many shortcuts in the way they do things. They hire the cheapest people they can find and half the time do not pay them anyway. We have a... Read more

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There is not enough room and I don't have the time to type all the issues we have had with this builder but would be more than happy to talk to anyone even thinking of dealing with these builders. (570)236-7297 We are on our 15th month of construction and have filed a complaint with the NC Consumer Protection Bureau and still have no set closing date. We were told by Lockridge's salesman Sam that the house would only take 3 months to build with... Read more

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Concrete runs to the walls in garage... No warranty coverage period. I have contacted them multiple times, and missed work several times, and they didn't have the guts to just tell me they had no intentions of fixing their screw ups.. Sad. Do not use this builder. I can give names and references for much better quality and service. I'm building again next year, and I'm definitely not using these clowns. If you are using them, don't... Read more

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